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This is our first official showreel featuring some of our favorite work from 2018.


This is a spec ad that we created for headphones that can be used during workouts. We created two edits out of the footage we shot during this shoot: one video focusing on the hectic mentality that an athlete can experience, and this one; which is more of a stylized highlight reel.


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It takes a lot of moving parts to create something great. Luckily, we are a small but mighty full service production studio. We can handle anything from pre-production to delivery. Whether it be location scouting, directing, editing, filming, lighting, drone operation or whatever else you might need—we have you covered.



We love to collaborate when planning a film or figuring out how to execute a unique shot. Whatever we’re planning, we like to do it together. Whether it be with a client, production crew, or talent, we like to meticulously plan out and map our vision.

  • Client discovery

  • Concept mapping

  • Scheduling and budgeting

  • Screen writing

  • Shot listing and storyboarding

  • Location scouting


Our crew is small, quick thinking and flexible. We’re able to bring any idea to life with a handful of ever-growing tools. By keeping a tight crew, we’re able to move fast and have way more productive shooting days. We also love to have fun on set and will always approach filming days with a laser focused but lighthearted mindset. Some things we bring to the table:

  • Directors and DP’s

  • Camera-op team

  • Behind the scenes camera

  • Drone operator

  • Still photography

  • Blackmagic cinema camera

  • Gimbal operation




Bringing everything together in post-production is one of our favorite steps of creating. Here we take everything that we have gathered in pre-production and production to create some visual magic. We can handle all aspects of pre-production including:

  • Data management

  • Music research and licensing

  • Color correction and grading

  • Sound Design

  • Transitions, effects, and subtitles

  • Title animation and design


At Intrepid Creative, we believe that stories have the power to move and inspire us to do incredible things. We create for the people who won’t settle for just “good enough”, the ones taking the road less traveled, the courageous, the bold, the fearless. Our goal is to share these stories and inspire others to create a world they want to live in. Meet the guys that bring this to life:


Aaron Lawrence



Joe “Audio Joe” Keeven

Brett Jackson



Brodi “The Intern” Sabiston

(back by popular demand)


We’re located in the heart of the Midwest: Kansas City, Missouri. We go where the story takes us.

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