Our videos document the stories of people living their best lives. The people who won't settle for just "good enough". The ones pushing the limits. The ones taking the road the less traveled. We create for the bold. For the courageous. For the fearless.

Our goal is to share these stories and inspire others to create a world that they want to live in.  


"I could not stress the importance of communicating your company’s message early on and one of the best ways we have done this is with Intrepid Creative. They have been an amazing ally from start to finish and they have taken our projects, our people, and our vision and captured it so well. They’re the type of company that has stepped alongside us and been an amazing ally. If you’re a new business--and want to communicate a good message, I would highly recommend Intrepid Creative. Great quality, great price, great people."
Josh Levin, founder of Empowered Electric

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