We break the price of a video down into three categories:

Pre-Production ($400-$600)

  • This is a huge part of what makes a video unique. Here we take the time to discuss what you are looking for, create a story board, and then make a shot list. These two documents play an integral role in making sure we are efficient and effective with the time we use to film.

Filming ($500-$1,000)

  • Here we operate on a ‘day rate’ which is $500 for a half day (or up to four hours of shooting). This is for a crew of two videographers and any gear we may need. 

Post-Production ($68/hr, around $500-$1,000)

  • This is where the magic happens. Everything finally comes together and the story begins to form. We will send two rough drafts throughout this process to make sure we are on the right track. This is the most time consuming part of the project, so communication here is vital. We will need any brand assets you have (fonts, logos, etc.) and you will need to reply to rough drafts with edits in a timely manor.